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I wish I could recount a glamorous tale of growing up surrounded by vintage film cameras and rolls of film, but reality paints a different picture. My creative upbringing took a distinctive path. Countless hours of my childhood were spent exploring the lush Irish countryside. When I wasn’t lost in those landscapes, I found solace in my drawings. I would painstakingly sketch my treasured TV characters and beloved comic book champions.

However, it wasn’t until my final years of secondary school that I began to treat Art with a more earnest devotion. Departing from school, I delved into the realm of Art & Design, earning a diploma, and further pursued my passion with a degree in Classical Animation.

The tide turned with the ascendancy of 3D animation, steering me toward computers and diverse software proficiency. This marked my initiation into Adobe Photoshop, and the gateway to photography swung open. Settled in the outskirts of London, England, I honed my skills in graphic design and retouching, generating custom visuals featuring models set against captivating backdrops. A burgeoning demand fuelled my exploration of stock images. One fateful day, I convinced myself that capturing these images firsthand couldn’t possibly be as formidable as it seemed. Thus, the journey commenced.

My maiden camera, the silver Nikon D40s accompanied by the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, signaled the commencement of my odyssey. My initial forays involved capturing models, employing Photoshop to camouflage the flaws of my nascent photography. Yet, spurred by a trove of YouTube tutorials and books, rapid improvement was in the offing. Over subsequent years, I carved out a niche within the UK’s photography landscape. My focus shifted to glamour, fashion, and portraits, often in photography studios scattered around the globe. Collaborations with magazines, music labels, clothing brands, musicians, and an array of remarkable individuals solidified my presence.

In 2014, my journey led me to Canada, where the practicality of wedding photography presented itself as the most sustainable avenue. Weddings became my canvas, but the frenetic pace coupled with a burgeoning family necessitated a transition. Thus, in 2022, I bid adieu to wedding photography, now reserving my lens for a profound passion—the very essence that transports me back to my youth amidst Ireland’s idyllic countryside. Landscape photography, the embodiment of my earliest inspirations, has become my sole focus.